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CBS12 Features DrJ

Posted on: February 22, 2016Posted by: drhirsch

DrJ was featured on CBS 12 West Palm Beach last week discussing the evolution of Pediatric Dentistry now that an effective topical cavity arresting medicine is available to use in this country.

The story featured a local family of children affected by tooth decay but not by drilling, shots and sedation.  We are able to medically treat  cavities using a new but old approach. We have Silver Diammine Fluoride, a product time tested around the globe and now available in this country.

“We now able to use medicine in dentistry like most doctors use in this country to treat ailments. This SDF medicine targets tooth decay by strengthening the enamel and dentin affected by decay. We at DrJ can no longer ignore the science behind tooth decay and we certainly cannot ignore the technology to help children grow up healthier and not fearing dentistry. It does nobody any good to be fearful of the dentist, not the patient, not the hygienist, not the dentist. We must break this cycle. ” DrJ