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DrJ and Dentaquest Partnership

Posted on: September 28, 2017Posted by: drhirsch

DrJ has entered into an exclusive arrangement with Dentaquest to provide Silver Diammine Fluoride treatments to its members. This offer is extended to members who’s children have been diagnosed with cavities and caregivers are seeking a second opinion to see if their child qualifies for SDF/non invasive care. Not all children with decay will qualify but it is apparent that the option to use SDF is not being given in most DQ partnered offices in South Florida. Dentaquest is the nations leading administrator of medicaid benefits  and DrJ has partnered to reduce the fraud, waste and abuse of children and tax dollars that is prevalent nationwide and growing.

To learn about SDF click here.  

“Forget the money, what is being done to the helpless children of this nation in dental offices?” These children were “treated” with “baby root canals” and wound up severely infected from the treatment not the cavities!!! Avoid these baby root canals at all costs. 

DrJ has a solution. If your 2-3-4-5 year old child is being told they have multiple cavities and needs fillings, sedation/anesthesia you need a second opinion. If your 6-7-8-9 year old child has been diagnosed with cavities and fillings you need a second opinion. Basically you need a second opinion 🙂

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