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Why treat cavities in children?

Posted on: November 27, 2017Posted by: drhirsch

I am asked this question nearly every day. Primary teeth are important is the first answer I routinely provide. Without teeth its hard to eat food, so its paramount that children have healthy teeth. Often cavities don’t hurt the child unless decay has progressed into the nerve of the tooth. I believe its important to prevent cavities from getting larger, this is my focus, prevention.  The most simple answer as to why we treat primary teeth is because we want to prevent pain from hurting your child. We also dont want to hurt your child in the process of preventing pain, so we are in a difficult position often. Dentistry for a child can be traumatic and painful, and it creates situations where children/adults avoid the dentist due to bad past experiences. This is why its important to understand what exactly is happening to your child, their primary teeth and what exactly the goal of dental treatment is. At DrJ we have silver diammine fluoride and often that treatment is enough to get a child with cavities from one point in time to another point in time by just applying a liquid cavity treatment. When parents are educated properly on how to care for their children’s teeth in combination with SDF, the results are really good. Often problems occur because our system of care is too focused on procedures and not on education, often the problem stems from a lack of education. We break that cycle! If your child has been diagnosed with cavities you should obtain a second opinion to be educated better, and to find alternatives because often there are alternatives. Give us a call. DrJ

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