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Here is what SDF looks like…

Posted on: December 14, 2017Posted by: drhirsch

Im often asked by parents “how bad is the black?” or “how bad will it look?” I can only say that as a dentist who believes that cosmetics are important but not as important as health itself, that the black should be of no concern, as an aside we don’t place SDF on front teeth in our office unless there is extenuating circumstances.

We explain that the black is an indicator that the cavity contains the needed ingredients for the cavity to remain asymptomatic and give the nerve of the tooth the opportunity to heal itself. If the child’s hygiene and the reasons why the tooth has a cavity in the first place improves then these SDF treatments are very effective.

Tooth decay is as old as human beings are, its silly to not believe that the body doesn’t have a way to “fix” itself. Through studying the biology of primary teeth ALL PEDIATRIC DENTISTS know that primary teeth often heal with no dental interventions if the hygiene increases . To date SDF is the best tool we have to allow nature to work best and to bring parents and their role as caregiver back into the equation. If you are interested to learn about SDF and how this treatment could help your child please call us today. DrJ