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Why we are better…

Posted on: January 2, 2018Posted by: drhirsch

We are better because we are reading the modern dental literature that says to do less to children’s teeth not more. We are better because we see things through the child’s eyes. We are better because we tailor our programs to making children feel safe and comfortable in our office, not fearful and resentful. We put the child first. Period!!!

Our cavity treatments are based off of the modern science of tooth decay. We know with confidence that cavities in primary teeth can just be filled, they don’t need to be surgically drilled

We at DrJ know that fillings are placed to aid plaque removal, it has nothing to do with removing bacteria from teeth, that concept is erroneous. We don’t fear people into treatments, we educate people to embrace our services. Drilling teeth and removing discolored tooth structures thought to be “infected” is a bad concept which can and does often lead to complications  that are worse than the cavities themselves. It is this minimalistic belief that less is more, is what we do, its what patients and caregivers appreciate, and its what is most effective in modern pediatric dentistry.

If you need a second opinion, if your child has been diagnosed for general anesthesia or IV sedation and an extensive treatment plan or if you just want to be educated to the science of tooth decay and prevention than you need to see us at DrJ.