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Who is Dr. Jason Hirsch?

I was born raised and educated in NY. I studied very diligently in school and I obtained degrees in Chemistry(SUNY), Public Health(Columbia), Dentistry(NSU) and Pediatric Dentistry(Miami Children’s/NSU).

My goal always was to help children and society. My roots in pediatric dentistry stem from an experience as a teenager where I attended an appointment with my younger brother as his moral support. The appointment to repair cavities left him a sweaty fearful mess. To this day it has left him an adult afraid of the dentist. That day is still vivid in my mind and what drives me to do what I do. I want to prevent situations like that from happening again. I know its still occurring and that knowledge drives me to study how to address this nuisance problem better. 

I moved to South Florida in 1998 to attend Dental School  and complete my pediatric residency in 2004.

I have been in private practice ever since, my first office was in Plantation, practicing with my late father in law for over a decade, Dr. Edward Nacht. Dr. Nacht and I practiced together because we had the same philosophy of conservative patient care and we understood the nature of dental problems in children is more about prevention than over aggressive treatments. 

I like to play golf, ski and I like to travel, but my family life, like yours, is priority number one and we call Delray Beach home. I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful children who keep me active and a child at heart. 

About My Practice:

To be effective these days you need a plan of continuous change embedded in a stable philosophy. The field of pediatric dentistry is exploding with benefits for my patients. I love learning what we could do better, more intelligently. My inquisitive personality has always asked ‘why’ things happen, which drove my father crazy growing up but led me naturally to the concept of ‘Cause’ as a business model to improve the life of my patients.

I look forward to meeting your child.