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Should primary teeth always be “treated”

Its over 50 years of US dentists/pediatric dentists telling American parents they need their children’s teeth filled when they present with cavities. This treatment has become the standard of what we all believe is the only correct care and this is not the case. This article written by the brightest  researchers/clinicians is a must read if you want to learn more about your own teeth, your children’s teeth, and how the practice of dentistry is not changing in this country for one simple reason…MONEY. The insurance companies and medicaid administrators are afraid of losing their grip on a giant pile of money spent each year on more invasive dentistry which often leads to more invasive dentistry, a cycle of care designed incorrectly and now widely known to be designed incorrectly.  Please read…

Call us for a second opinion if you are unsure about your child’s diagnosis and plan. Second opinion is the best medicine for a sick/not well system of care…DrJ

Why we are better…

We are better because we are reading the modern dental literature that says to do less to children’s teeth not more. We are better because we see things through the child’s eyes. We are better because we tailor our programs to making children feel safe and comfortable in our office, not fearful and resentful. We put the child first. Period!!!

Our cavity treatments are based off of the modern science of tooth decay. We know with confidence that cavities in primary teeth can just be filled, they don’t need to be surgically drilled

We at DrJ know that fillings are placed to aid plaque removal, it has nothing to do with removing bacteria from teeth, that concept is erroneous. We don’t fear people into treatments, we educate people to embrace our services. Drilling teeth and removing discolored tooth structures thought to be “infected” is a bad concept which can and does often lead to complications  that are worse than the cavities themselves. It is this minimalistic belief that less is more, is what we do, its what patients and caregivers appreciate, and its what is most effective in modern pediatric dentistry.

If you need a second opinion, if your child has been diagnosed for general anesthesia or IV sedation and an extensive treatment plan or if you just want to be educated to the science of tooth decay and prevention than you need to see us at DrJ.

Here is what SDF looks like…

Im often asked by parents “how bad is the black?” or “how bad will it look?” I can only say that as a dentist who believes that cosmetics are important but not as important as health itself, that the black should be of no concern, as an aside we don’t place SDF on front teeth in our office unless there is extenuating circumstances.

We explain that the black is an indicator that the cavity contains the needed ingredients for the cavity to remain asymptomatic and give the nerve of the tooth the opportunity to heal itself. If the child’s hygiene and the reasons why the tooth has a cavity in the first place improves then these SDF treatments are very effective.

Tooth decay is as old as human beings are, its silly to not believe that the body doesn’t have a way to “fix” itself. Through studying the biology of primary teeth ALL PEDIATRIC DENTISTS know that primary teeth often heal with no dental interventions if the hygiene increases . To date SDF is the best tool we have to allow nature to work best and to bring parents and their role as caregiver back into the equation. If you are interested to learn about SDF and how this treatment could help your child please call us today. DrJ


Why treat cavities in children?

I am asked this question nearly every day. Primary teeth are important is the first answer I routinely provide. Without teeth its hard to eat food, so its paramount that children have healthy teeth. Often cavities don’t hurt the child unless decay has progressed into the nerve of the tooth. I believe its important to prevent cavities from getting larger, this is my focus, prevention.  The most simple answer as to why we treat primary teeth is because we want to prevent pain from hurting your child. We also dont want to hurt your child in the process of preventing pain, so we are in a difficult position often. Dentistry for a child can be traumatic and painful, and it creates situations where children/adults avoid the dentist due to bad past experiences. This is why its important to understand what exactly is happening to your child, their primary teeth and what exactly the goal of dental treatment is. At DrJ we have silver diammine fluoride and often that treatment is enough to get a child with cavities from one point in time to another point in time by just applying a liquid cavity treatment. When parents are educated properly on how to care for their children’s teeth in combination with SDF, the results are really good. Often problems occur because our system of care is too focused on procedures and not on education, often the problem stems from a lack of education. We break that cycle! If your child has been diagnosed with cavities you should obtain a second opinion to be educated better, and to find alternatives because often there are alternatives. Give us a call. DrJ

SDF treatments



Age 1 visit

We at DrJ believe in prevention. We believe that the earlier your child is seen for examination the better chance that we can prevent dental problems. At the age of 1 there are enough teeth to examine and apply topical fluoride to. It is important to educate parents on how to care for primary teeth and that is what we will do in our first visit as well. This first appointment will also cover counseling on diet and the role that it plays in causing tooth decay. We look forward to meeting you and your child and creating a lasting smile that is healthy and bright. DrJ

What parents dont know about Silver Diammine Fluoride…

We have over 2.5 years of clinical use with Silver Diammine Fluoride to treat tooth decay. We have found that the successes of the treatment outweigh the failures by a 10-1 margin.  We know that tooth decay can be prevented with less frequent consumption of sugar and with more use of daily topical fluoride. If your child has been diagnosed with early and moderate stage cavities then you should ask if SDF is right for them. If it was not an option then you need to give us a call and schedule a consultation. We have saved hundreds of children from anesthesia and sedation since using SDF in our office. DrJ

DrJ and Dentaquest Partnership

DrJ has entered into an exclusive arrangement with Dentaquest to provide Silver Diammine Fluoride treatments to its members. This offer is extended to members who’s children have been diagnosed with cavities and caregivers are seeking a second opinion to see if their child qualifies for SDF/non invasive care. Not all children with decay will qualify but it is apparent that the option to use SDF is not being given in most DQ partnered offices in South Florida. Dentaquest is the nations leading administrator of medicaid benefits  and DrJ has partnered to reduce the fraud, waste and abuse of children and tax dollars that is prevalent nationwide and growing.

To learn about SDF click here.  

“Forget the money, what is being done to the helpless children of this nation in dental offices?” These children were “treated” with “baby root canals” and wound up severely infected from the treatment not the cavities!!! Avoid these baby root canals at all costs. 

DrJ has a solution. If your 2-3-4-5 year old child is being told they have multiple cavities and needs fillings, sedation/anesthesia you need a second opinion. If your 6-7-8-9 year old child has been diagnosed with cavities and fillings you need a second opinion. Basically you need a second opinion 🙂

Call us today and ask for a consultation. 

First tooth eruption…

At DrJ we believe that prevention is the most important aspect of Pediatric Dentistry. If you come to DrJ by the baby’s first tooth eruption, usually by 9 months, we will educate you to keep your baby decay free.

Tooth decay is strictly a process where parents are not informed and not educated to the process of how tooth decay forms and how its prevented. Unfortunately the dental profession is designed to fix your decay and paid handsomely to do it. We should be spending money preventing it. 

We believe the best way to treat tooth decay in children is to prevent it and DrJ wants to help you…

Call us for an age 9 months consult. Its free just mention you read it on our site.


Why we are BETTER at cleaning children’s teeth

We strive to be better than everyone else, and here is how. DrJ only employs licensed dental hygienists to educate you and your children on dental hygiene and oral health in addition to the best “cleaning” your child will ever experience.

Licensed dental hygienists (RDH) complete a two year training program and State licensure examination. RDH’s partake in mandatory Continuing Education to keep their knowledge and skills sharp.

DrJ doesn’t cut corners, we only deliver the best procedures with the best possible personnel. Come see the difference. We go above and beyond. Come see the difference.  DrJ

Silver Diammine Fluoride

Silver Diammine Fluoride is a topical fluoride that can assist the arrest of tooth decay in children simply with a brush-on treatment. Much has changed about the knowledge of tooth decay and we are on the front lines of this change. Just this year we have almost entirely eliminated our in-office use of sedation/anesthesia. 

Sedation/anesthesia is too risky for a non life threatening condition like early to moderate stage tooth decay. Recent problems, and deaths from sedation is telling all of us to rethink what we are doing to combat the effects. It is widely recognized now that the bacteria of the mouth are normal, that we all have the same oral bacteria, it is not an infection and not infectious, despite decades of telling patients that. We must relearn this problem, and we have at DrJ.

If you have a child with diagnosed decay you owe it to yourself to find out about  this FDA approved topical treatment and how it is saving children from the risk and expense of sedation/anesthesia.

The use of SDF requires that the patient visit the office more frequently to assess the status of their treated/disclosed decay.  The use of SDF also requires a major change in the hygiene habits of the patient. SDF is not a cure it is a treatment and all treatments require patients and parents to change. Dentists must change too, we have to stop believing that our fillings and crowns are anything more than a treatment, they are not cures either.

Knowledge changes and so should people. It is also in my experience that getting a second opinion is paramount. If primary tooth decay is not able to be treated with SDF it also means the tooth should be extracted. This is how other developed nations manage this problem.

A majority of the belief that health of the primary teeth determines the health of the adult teeth is not based in evidence. Tooth decay doesn’t spread from the primary dentition to the adult dentition, the reason is because tooth decay is not an infectious disease. The alignment of the primary teeth does not insure against misalignment later, and while genetics plays a part in tooth decay it isn’t the reason why teeth become decayed. The single biggest reason why children get decay is because the parent is not cleaning the teeth properly from the eruption of the first tooth and for the following 18 months following.

The evidence today says to treat decay without removing it. Go figure.  

Treat it, seal it in, increase home hygiene with parental supervision, cut down on eating processed foods too frequently.

Get a second opinion from someone who practices with the science not against it. You cannot drill out of this problem…