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DrJ and Dentaquest Partnership

Posted on: September 28, 2017Posted by: drhirsch

DrJ has entered into an exclusive arrangement with Dentaquest to provide Silver Diammine Fluoride treatments to its members. This offer is extended to members who’s children have been diagnosed with cavities and caregivers are seeking a second opinion to see if their child qualifies for SDF/non invasive care. Not all children with decay will qualify … Continue reading DrJ and Dentaquest Partnership

First tooth eruption…

Posted on: September 12, 2017Posted by: drhirsch

At DrJ we believe that prevention is the most important aspect of Pediatric Dentistry. If you come to DrJ by the baby’s first tooth eruption, usually by 9 months, we will educate you to keep your baby decay free. Tooth decay is strictly a process where parents are not informed and not educated to the … Continue reading First tooth eruption…

Why we are BETTER at cleaning children’s teeth

Posted on: August 28, 2017Posted by: drhirsch

We strive to be better than everyone else, and here is how . DrJ only employs licensed dental hygienists to educate you and your children on dental hygiene and oral health in addition to the best “cleaning” your child will ever experience. Licensed dental hygienists (RDH) complete a two year training program and State licensure examination. RDH’s partake in mandatory Continuing Education to keep their knowledge and … Continue reading Why we are BETTER at cleaning children’s teeth

Silver Diammine Fluoride

Posted on: July 31, 2017Posted by: drhirsch

Silver Diammine Fluoride is a topical fluoride that can assist the arrest of tooth decay in children simply with a brush-on treatment. Much has changed about the knowledge of tooth decay and we are on the front lines of this change. Just this year we have almost entirely eliminated our in-office use of  sedation/anesthesia.   Sedation/anesthesia is too risky for … Continue reading Silver Diammine Fluoride

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