A Topical Fluoride Treatment Could Protect Your Child from Tooth Decay

A Topical Fluoride Treatment Could Protect Your Child from Tooth Decay

Jan 18, 2019

Your child’s mouth changes tremendously from infancy to their teenage years and early adulthood. This is the time when the gums, teeth, and jaw structure are developing the most. Hirsch Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated to preserving the health of your child’s teeth and preventing tooth decay on primary and adult teeth.

The reason we take care of primary teeth is to preserve them until they are lost naturally. Premature lost primary teeth could result in permanent teeth growing in abnormally or out of alignment. For this reason, a pediatric dentist in Royal Palm Beach, like Hirsch Pediatric Dentistry, will suggest the application of topical fluoride to teeth.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is naturally occurring, and it often used to strengthen the enamel of teeth. Fluoride protects teeth from tooth decay, which is extremely important while teeth are developing. Toothpaste and drinking water contain fluoride already, but it passes through the digestive system before going to the teeth. A topical treatment applies fluoride directly to teeth, allowing for greater absorption of the chemical into the enamel.

When is it Applied?

A fluoride treatment is typically applied to your child’s teeth right after they have had a dental cleaning. It is not painful, nor does it cause teeth to become more sensitive. The treatment used in a pediatric dentist near me uses a gel, varnish, or foam fluoride treatment that is much more concentrated than the fluoride in toothpaste. If it is swallowed, it may cause mild stomach pain or vomiting.

Your child could greatly benefit from fluoride treatments from your local pediatric dentist near me, Royal Palm Beach. Topical fluoride has been shown to decrease the likelihood of tooth decay in younger patients by more than 25 percent. This number is staggering, as more than a quarter of children have benefitted from topical fluoride treatments.

The health of teeth can be preserved with the introduction of fluoride treatments on younger patients. Their teeth are still developing and need to be protected from premature decay and tooth loss. Call our Hirsch pediatric office to schedule an appointment for your child.

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