All you need to know about SDF Dental Treatment

All you need to know about SDF Dental Treatment

Sep 01, 2019

Smile is one thing about which we all are concerned about and wish to take care of. Our tooth defines and enhances our smile. Thus, having tooth decay or sensitivity can take away the beauty of our smiles. Hence, getting the best treatment to get rid of tooth decay and other dental problems is very important.

The bond of a child and chocolate is inseparable. But this inseparable bond invites several dental problems like early tooth decay, tooth sensitivity and so on. These problems can get so serious that they might even lead to removing of teeth. There are many treatments available to get rid of such problems. But the best solution is to get the treatment of Silver Diamine Fluoride.

What is SDF?

SDF is an antibiotic in liquid form which has been clinically approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This method has cleared all levels of clinic trials for the problem of tooth decay and tooth sensitivity. Normally the tooth decay is cured by removing the tooth and filling the decayed tooth but this treatment stops tooth decay without any surgical incision. This treatment is best suited for young children.

Usually, according to the prescribed guidelines, 38 percent of the SDF formula is used for tooth decay treatment. This treatment does not completely restore the tooth but saves the tooth from further decay.

How does SDF work?

It is composed of two elements one is Silver and other the one is Fluoride. It is a colorless liquid. Silver is well known for its anti-bacterial property and also helps in strengthening the protective layer of teeth called dentin. Fluoride is used to fill the damaged enamel as it has the property to curb the deficiency of minerals.

SDF protects the teeth from decay and other dental problems and also gives time to the dentist to determine the appropriate treatment for different dental issues. When this liquid is applied to the tooth having a cavity, it hardens the surface and turns it into black color. The antibacterial property of silver helps to protect the adjacent tooth from decay. This treatment requires regular checkups from the dentist.

When is SDF used?

It is used to manage problems related to tooth decay and can only be used when the patient is not under severe pain. If the patient is suffering from any kind of pain, then the only solution left is the removal of a tooth. It is also useful for those individuals who are facing some issues related to age or any other medical condition. Due to all these reasons this is the best suited for an individual with a tender age.

What are the steps involved in the treatment of SDF treatment?

During your visit to the dental clinic for such treatment, your dentist should ask you to brush and rinse your teeth without paste. Then the plaque will be removed. The Silver Diamine can only be applied through a micro brush and then the solution is allowed to dry for two minutes. Once the whole procedure is complete, the child is then advised not to eat or drink anything at least for an hour or two.

What are the benefits of SDF treatment?

This treatment is highly recommended for children and has the following benefits:

  • It is a painless method
  • It helps to protect the adjacent teeth
  • It might be helpful in curbing the cavity
  • It is a very quick treatment
  • It cures tooth sensitivity

What are the side effects of SDF?

It is a very safe method to cure the problem of tooth decay and it has no side effects attached to it. However, it has some demerits to count such as it leaves the tooth with a cavity with a stain. The stained tooth can be replaced through a crown or if the patient wishes then through root canalling. If the liquid is applied to the skin or gums, then it can cause irritation which could be cured in a couple of hours. Also, the patient might notice a sudden metallic taste after application which will be gone after a few minutes.

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