Children and Dental Fillings: Frequently Asked Questions

Children and Dental Fillings: Frequently Asked Questions

May 16, 2019

Dental decay not only affects adults but it also affects young children. Many kids between the age of 5 and 11, 12 to 19 at least one have an untreated cavity. It may be shocking if you hear that your child has a cavity.

You might have had cavities but probably didn’t expect that your oral hygiene will affect your child. The main reasons are-

  • Poor dental care means not brushing and flossing teeth regularly.
  • Consumption of high-sugar and high-acid foods and beverages.

Few children may develop dental cavities despite having a healthy mouth routine. If a pediatric dentist in Royal Palm Beach diagnosis a cavity, the next step is dental fillings.

Dental fillings

It is one of the common procedures. The dentist removes all the dead and decaying material to prepare the tooth for filling.
Children feel some anxiety before the dentist fills a cavity.

Why does your child need a dental filling?

Leaving a cavity untreated leads to the spreading of infection. Dentist in 33411 will remove the tooth decay to stop the decay process. The decay is replaced with to restore the tooth incorrect shape.

What type of pediatric fillings is available?

Different types of fillings are available where adults often have silver amalgam or even gold fillings. Few adults go for composite fillings which are made from resin and plastic ceramic porcelain fillings or glass ionomer fillings.

How will the dentist choose filling?

Several factors lead to the dentist’s choice of filling material. This includes the location of the cavity which means wherein the mouth and what part of the tooth, your child’s age, individual dental history and durability issues related to your child’s age and activities.

If you Google pediatric dentist near me in Royal Palm Beach, you will find many skilled dentists. This requires specialized and professional dentists so that children don’t feel anxious.

Does your child have a cavity? Find a pediatric dentist near me and find more relevant options on the dental filling. They will do everything to make your child comfortable and relax.

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