Confused about Your Child’s Dental Health? We Are Here to Help You

Confused about Your Child’s Dental Health? We Are Here to Help You

May 01, 2020

Are you confused about your child’s dental health and are wondering whether you should take the child to family dentistry or search for a dentist for children? This is a universal problem as many parents are confused about who should be visited for the dental care their child needs. We are here to help the first-time parent that wants to know how they can establish good dental health for their newborns and ensure the child receives the care needed by their teeth throughout their lives.

Babies are often born without any teeth and all they have is a gummy mouth for laughing, howling, crying and smiling. However, by the age of three, the child would have developed all 20 teeth that will be known as primary or baby teeth.

Baby teeth begin erupting from six-month onwards to 12 months but sometimes as often as three months. The lower gum line is the place where the first tooth erupts in the upper teeth develop in the coming months.

Teething and Baby Teeth

Teething is an uncomfortable time for most babies as most parents would understand because they will begin noticing more crying, resisting eating or drinking and will often bite their fingers to find relief from teething pressure. These symptoms can be eased by using a clean finger and gently rubbing the gums for a couple of minutes. The symptoms can also be eased by a cold teething ring. Many babies do not have problems when teething. However, if persistent problems continue the pediatrician must be consulted with dental health questions. He or she may refer you to a children’s dentist who will be able to help you and the child appropriately in the present situation.

The primary teeth of the child begin to loosen and fall out until the age of 12 or 13. Children may be confused when their first tooth falls out but parents must assure them it is just a part of growing up. Losing primary teeth is natural for their dental health and new permanent teeth will be replacing the baby teeth which must make room for the new eruptions. Some discomfort will be experienced by the child but after losing a couple of teeth children will become accustomed to this problem and understand what’s happening.

Children and Permanent Teeth

When children develop all the permanent teeth they will have 28 of them besides a set of four wisdom teeth that will erupt later in the back of the mouth. The wisdom teeth generally develop between the ages of 17 to 25. Most adults have wisdom teeth extracted and many never even develop them.

Regardless of the child’s age, the number of teeth he or she has, the size or shape and the placement, it is essential for children to develop good dental habits for their dental health early in life. It is recommended by the American Dental Association the first visit of a child to a pediatric dentist should be no later than age 1. These visits can be intimidating both for the parent and the child but if parents conduct proper research for Dr. Jason Hirsch they will have found an experienced pediatric dentist who can care for their child’s teeth from infancy until adolescence. Parents must attempt not to remain confused about their child’s dental health but be determined to get the best dental care their child needs from a qualified pediatric dentist and not any dentist they are visiting.

Why Pediatric Dentists Are Important for Children?

Pediatric dentists are also professionals in the field of dental practice that have graduated from the same dental school but have thereafter acquired additional education to exclusively care for children’s dental health. They are specialists in the field of children’s dentistry and can even manage children that have special needs. These are the professionals you should be visiting with your child if you intend to give him or her the best dental care available.

You may have apprehensions in your mind about whether the pediatric dentist can manage your child especially if your child is non-cooperative or difficult during medical visits of any kind. However, you can rest assured that these professionals have equipped themselves fully not only to manage children of all types but also to provide them the treatment they need by calming them lovingly and affectionately. Any confusion in your mind about pediatric dentistry will disappear the moment you reach the dental practice and look at how it has been designed keeping children in mind. You may be requested to accompany the child to the dentist’s chair during the initial visits where you will be able to see the unique dental tools specially designed for children that should convince you that your confusions were unfounded and pediatric dentists are indeed available to help you as needed.

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