Does a Cavity in a Baby Tooth Really Need a Filling?

Does a Cavity in a Baby Tooth Really Need a Filling?

Aug 16, 2019


Cavities are the decayed areas of one’s teeth which later develops into tiny openings. There are three type of cavities (as per their names) – smooth surface cavities, root cavities and pit and fissure cavities.

Baby Teeth

Although the baby teeth are for temporary time being and will eventually be replaced by permanent ones, they still need proper care and equipment. This is because even these temporary ones are going to be with your kid for initial years of their life. Dentist in 33411 says that children don’t understand the importance of dental hygiene and that’s why it is the responsibility of the parents to take helpful measures.

All About Cavities

Children can come across with cavities even if you try your best to give them proper dental hygiene. They eat a lot of sweets, engage in different sports and even might not properly brush their teeth. All these reasons might or might not harm but once their teeth are affected by cavities, it could do way too much harm.

Baby Teeth Are Really Important

Pediatric dentist in Royal Palm Beach give this sentence way too much importance, “baby teeth are as important as adult teeth”. In fact children might get scared with any procedure, which could further harm them and that’s why their dental care is important.

To Get a Filling, or Not to Get a Filling

Just like fillings for adults, fillings for children is also made out of either white composite or metal. Gold and ceramic are usually avoided for children, as per the pediatric dentist near me. Though your child might not like the looks, but the dentist would make sure that he/she does not feel any pain. Also, it is best to choose a cost-effective treatment as the tooth will eventually fall out.

Approach the pediatric dentist near you in West Palm Beach, Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach County and get your child’s oral health checked up to know their condition for sure.

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