Extra Smile Protection with Dental Sealants

Extra Smile Protection with Dental Sealants

Apr 28, 2020

Our staff at Hirsch Pediatric Dentistry in Royal Palm Beach, Florida understands it takes a village to raise a child. We are eager to provide practical help in protecting our community’s children by educating families on effective oral hygiene. Dental sealants have been used on children’s teeth to add further protection for many years. Continue reading on to learn how you can give your child extra smile protection with dental sealants and maintaining proper oral health and hygiene!

Dental Sealants – What Are They?

Dental sealants are a thin material that is painted onto the individual tooth by your dental hygienist. They are made up of a biocompatible acrylic material and are commonly used for teeth that are most used for chewing, such as your molars. Then sealants work as a sort of barrier from plaque that leads to tooth decay. The buildup of harmful bacteria will lead to plaque that harms teeth. The acid found in the plaque will slowly deteriorate teeth if not properly protected. Your dentist will apply sealants to your child’s teeth in order to slow down that process and protect their teeth in the long run. Due to their biodegradable factors, the sealants will vanish over time.

Paired with Good Smile Care

Dental sealants will last up to ten years prior to disappearing. You should schedule routine dental exams and cleanings for your child. During these appointments, their dentist can check on the state of the dental sealants. They will ensure the dental sealants are still providing the needed protection for your child’s smile. Our Hirsch Pediatric Dentistry team is also eager to provide our young patients with practical and helpful tips for keeping up with a good oral hygiene routine. Ask our dentist about the best products and brands to use for your child and about the most effective methods of tooth brushing.

Call our dental office to see if dental sealants are right for your child’s smile or to learn more about the different treatments we offer to patients. Our team at Hirsch Pediatric Dentistry in Royal Palm Beach, Florida are eager to help!

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