Fluoride Treatments Provide an Additional Layer of Protection for Your Teeth

Fluoride Treatments Provide an Additional Layer of Protection for Your Teeth

Mar 01, 2021

A chronic problem affecting people globally is holes in their teeth because of tooth decay. If you want to prevent cavities from developing in your mouth, you need to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once. However, holes tend to grow despite any precautions you adopt. In such cases, wouldn’t it be beneficial for you to have an additional layer of protection on your teeth with fluoride therapy from the dentist in Royal Palm Beach?

Dentists provide professional fluoride treatments using concentrated fluoride applied to your teeth as solutions, gel, varnish, or foam. You can also use focused fluoride treatments purchased over-the-counter at home but only under guidance from a dentist. The fluoride dentists use in professional treatments is similar to the fluoride in toothpaste. However, the concentration of the fluoride is higher, offering significantly faster benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Fluoride Treatments?

Professional fluoride treatments help the body utilize natural minerals for teeth, such as calcium and phosphate. The minerals are absorbed by the teeth to repair the weakened tooth enamel. Fluoride adheres to the tooth structure during the teeth’ developmental stages, strengthening the enamel and making them less vulnerable to bacteria and cavities. Fluoride can reverse the development of cavities by harmful bacteria that cause them.

When the benefits of professional fluoride treatments are combined, they can help to:

  • Inhibit the risk of cavities.
  • Slow down the development of cavities.
  • Delay the need for costly dental work.
  • Prolong the life of primary teeth.
  • Reduce the time and money you spend at the dentist’s office.

Additionally, when you seek professional fluoride treatments for your child from Dr. Jason Hirsch’s pediatric dentistry, you help your child prevent gum disease, premature loss of primary teeth, and reduced tooth pain usually accompanying these situations.

A significant predictor of your overall health is your oral health, states the World Health Organization (WHO). Poor oral hygiene causes a variety of other health issues, including cardiovascular conditions.

What Are the Recommendations for Fluoride Treatments?

It is recommended by the ADA and the CDC that frequent exposure to tiny amounts of fluoride daily is essential to reduce the risk of cavities for all ages. Drinking fluoridated water and brushing teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is sufficient for most people to obtain the levels of fluoride they need.

The most familiar and chronic childhood dental disease are cavities proportionately five times higher in stature than asthma. The AAPD recommends fluoride treatment for all children soon as their teeth begin to emerge to prevent decay, discomfort, and future dental infections. Dr. Jason Hirsch recommends fluoride treatments every 3 to 6 months for children after evaluating the child’s risk for cavities.

To prevent overexposure to fluoride, dentists also recommend the following:

Children’s teeth are better brushed by caregivers with a small dab of fluoride toothpaste to reduce decay and minimize the fluorosis risk. A sized rice grain of fluoride toothpaste is recommended for children below three years. Children between three and six benefit from a pea-sized grain of fluoride toothpaste. Children require supervision when brushing to ensure they use fluoride as recommended by dentists. At home, fluoride rinses like mouthwashes are not appropriate for children under six because they may follow the fluoride.

The recommendations for fluoride treatments for adults vary. Suppose you are at a moderate to high risk of developing tooth decay; you benefit from fluoride treatments. The benefits are higher if you get professional fluoride treatments twice a year, especially if your dental cavities risk is higher. You can discuss the risks and benefits of fluoride treatments with your dentist. You must consider all sources of fluoride, including fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash.

If you live in an area where community water doesn’t contain fluoride, you benefit significantly from regular professional fluoride treatments.

Suppose you are at a higher risk of dental cavities and live in an area where community fluoridated water isn’t available. In that case, you must consider professional fluoride treatments from a dentist at regular intervals to ensure you have some additional protection for your teeth. Fluoride treatments are not scary and are completed in approximately 30 minutes. No restrictions are applied to you after getting professional fluoride treatments. Most importantly, the treatments are affordable and prevent the need for spending significantly on dental treatments that undoubtedly become essential when you develop cavities.

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