Healthy Snacks for Your Child’s Smile

Healthy Snacks for Your Child’s Smile

Jul 26, 2018

When it comes to our little ones, their health is of utmost importance. At Hirsch Pediatric Dentistry, we believe education is an important part of providing exceptional dental care. Today we’re going to discuss foods you should add to your child’s diet for a healthier, happier and more beautiful smile.

Crunchy Fruits & Vegetables

Foods such as apples, carrots and even celery are high in fiber and water, making them a great snack for actually cleaning the mouth. These foods can actually increase saliva production and help scrub your teeth. We recommend always adding them as a snack for lunches.

Vitamin C Rich Foods

Did you know that Vitamin C is vital to your child’s gum health? Although we focus heavily on the teeth, your child’s gums are also highly important. Yellow bell peppers, strawberries, kale and even kiwi are all high in Vitamin C. These are another great snack to add to meals.

Leafy Greens

Have you ever noticed leafy greens come up on almost every “healthy” foods list? This is due to the fact they are packed with calcium and other essential vitamins that can improve the health of your whole body, including your mouth.


Different dairy products can have different benefits, all of them however contain high amounts of calcium which can help strengthen, remineralize and protect your child’s smile. Cheese can help balance PH levels in the mouth, reducing bacterial overgrowth. Yogurt is actually full of “good bacteria”, helping to combat bad bacteria.

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