How to Access Orthodontic Care during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

How to Access Orthodontic Care during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Orthodontic treatment is available from time immemorial, but the Covid-19 pandemic was thrust upon us in December 2019. You will not find it challenging to locate an orthodontist to provide the treatment you need to correct imperfections with your teeth. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has compelled all medical practitioners to limit their services only to emergencies. Therefore you will undoubtedly experience challenges finding an orthodontic specialist to treat you in the current circumstances.

If you already had orthodontic braces on your teeth from the onset of the pandemic, you will have to search for orthodontists that are providing emergency treatments for patients. However, you may encounter another challenge because orthodontic treatments are not life-threatening. Therefore you may have to care for the braces appropriately and may only receive treatment in extreme circumstances.

What Can You Do with Orthodontic Imperfections in Your Mouth?

Unlike the Covid-19 pandemic, which was thrust upon us overnight orthodontic imperfections would have been identified at the end of 2019 when orthodontists were still providing all services needed by patients. Unfortunately, you or a younger member of the family will have to live with the imperfections until the ADA, and the CDC allow dental practices to open and provide orthodontic care as needed.

The circumstances are unfortunate, but so is the pandemic, which already has millions in America in its throes and is expanding its foothold. The coronavirus pandemic spreads through aerosols exhaled from the mouth, making it practically impossible for orthodontists to offer any treatments in the present conditions. With no treatments available against the pandemic, orthodontists need to safeguard themselves and their staff by adopting preventive measures and restrict therapy to patients that want to enhance their appearance and smile.

How to Manage Existing Problems?

If you are experiencing issues with your braces, you can undoubtedly contact the orthodontist treating you for advice about how the particular problem can be managed. You will receive information via telemedicine on how issues with broken wires or detached brackets should be handled. In extreme cases, the orthodontist may even arrange to see you as an emergency patient.

As a patient with braces, you would have received advice about how to care for your oral health when the orthodontic appliances were installed. You must follow the information to ensure you do not encounter any further problems than you already have. The flexibility of not being able to visit your orthodontist’s office must not encourage you to neglect oral hygiene because it will only worsen the problem.

Orthodontic braces can trap food particles and debris which, if not cleaned appropriately, convert into plaque. The problem aggravates further by transforming itself into tartar, which is difficult to remove by brushing and flossing alone. Removing plaque and tartar needs help from a professional qualified to offer the treatment. Therefore it becomes imperative that you care for your oral hygiene and make every effort possible to safeguard the appliances in your mouth.

What If Your Child Needs Orthodontic Treatment?

Unfortunate, as it may seem, your child must wait for some more time until dental professionals are allowed to open their practices for the general public. The CDC and the ADA have already issued guidelines to dental professionals to incorporate changes within their practices as a safeguard against the pandemic.

Dental practices are expected to open soon in the near future when you can approach Dr. Jason Hirsch for the treatment needed by your child. However, you must anticipate changes in the orthodontist’s office and prepare yourself to be screened along with your child before any treatment is offered. You will also observe drastic changes in the dental offices and may perhaps get the feeling that you are entering into an alien world rather than the dental office at Royal Palm Beach, FL, for orthodontic treatment.

The situation is strange but is in the best interests of everyone that stipulations have been mandated by the governing authorities to stop or at least prevent the spread of Covid-19. With over 4 million Americans affected by the pandemic and nearly half a million fatalities, the governing authorities have determined that saving a life is more important than having a pleasing smile. The preventive measures adopted undoubtedly appear exaggerated but are necessary not just for dental professionals but also for your safety during the pandemic, which does not discriminate between anyone.

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