Is Fluoride Treatment Safe for Adolescent Teeth?

Is Fluoride Treatment Safe for Adolescent Teeth?

May 07, 2021

When it comes to tooth decay prevention, fluoride is the most effective element. It is a mineral that is present in different natural contents in almost all food and water supplies.

If you happen to be seeking a pediatric dentist near you, our children’s dentist near Royal Palm Beach will give you all the time you need for a successful fluoride treatment visit.

Fluoride benefits have been well known for more than 50 years and are verified by many health and professional organizations, and this is why you should visit our pediatric dentist near you for treatment.

Dr. Jason Hirsch recommends professional fluoride treatment in Palm Beach due to these reasons: the presence of deep dents and cracks on the chewing surface, when the sensitive tooth root surface is exposed, poor oral hygiene, regular intake of sugar and carbohydrates, insufficient fluoride exposure, insufficient saliva flow due to medical conditions or previous occurrence of tooth decay.

The following may predispose you to the risk of tooth cavities: excessive intake of drugs or alcohol, eating disorders, poor oral hygiene, lack of professional dental care, poor eating, dry mouth, and worn-out enamel. Remember to avoid these predisposing factors.

Fluoride Treatment in Hirsch Pediatric Dentistry

Fluoride professional treatments have a high fluoride concentration that a dentist applies to teeth to improve general health and reduce the risk of cavities.

Dr. J Pediatric dentistry may recommend topical fluoridation during routine dental examinations. These therapies are painless for your teen and help in building stronger enamel and greater resistance to plaque and tooth decay.

If the public water supply is not fluoridated, we recommend that you supplement your fluoride requirements at the dentist’s office. These can be administered in the form of drops, tablets, or vitamins.

Fluoride treatment can be administered to anyone to help prevent tooth decay, but it is especially useful for children and adolescents with a history of tooth decay. During the fluoride treatment, a special brush is used to apply fluoride varnish on the teeth surface. It will solidify very quickly, so your child can eat and drink normally.

Remember that fluoride is important for children and adolescents. Visit our children’s dentist near Royal Palm Beach to discuss your family’s fluoride needs with us during your next dental visit to increase the enthusiasm of young people for oral health.

What Happens During Fluoride Treatment?

Our dentists provide professional fluoride treatment in the form of highly concentrated rinses, foams, gels, or varnishes. You can use cotton swabs, brushes, tea trays, or mouthwashes for treatment.

These rinses contain high fluoride concentrations. Fluoride application takes a short time. Do not forget to tell your dental practitioner about any of your existing medical conditions, if any, so that the dentist can choose your most suitable treatment procedure.

The Benefits

Fluoride helps the body make better use of minerals such as calcium and phosphate. The teeth take in these minerals for the repair and strengthening of the tooth enamel.

It inhibits the formation and spread of tooth cavities by suppressing the bacteria that form these cavities.

As the teeth develop, it is added to the tooth structure to strengthen the tooth enamel, making the tooth less susceptible to bacteria and tooth decay.

When medical fluoride treatment is given, these are the benefits your child will benefit from:

  • The risk of cavities will be reduced
  • Slowing the growth of cavities
  • The treatment prolongs the life of baby teeth
  • The treatment saves you time and money in the future
  • Fluoride treatment prevents premature loss of teeth
  • Your kid’s gums will be stronger after the treatment, and gum disease will be rare

Post Treatment Care

After applying fluoride in varnish form, you should be able to rub your tongue on the outer surface of your teeth and feel the varnish coating. The coating should also be visible to the eyes. The fluoride treatment time is four to six hours. After treatment:

Do not brush your teeth or floss for at least six hours; only eat the soft food for at least two hours; avoid hot beverages and alcoholic drinks for at least six hours; avoid the use of mouthwash for at least six hours.

On the next day, you can resume your daily oral hygiene routine. Brush your teeth thoroughly to remove any fluoride residue, and your teeth will feel normal. Our treatment gives you and your kids the complete smile makeover you desire.

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