Why Choose Dr. J?

Why Choose Dr. J?

Every year, Dr. J spends weeks out of his office studying around the world with experts who teach about preventing and intercepting the development of orthodontic problems. After over 15 years of working with children, his experience has helped him understand that until parents are educated, many who come to his office will believe that orthodontic care is inevitable. This is not the case however, because early intervention in muscular habits and understanding the natural way to move from a primary to permanent dentition enables him to intercept problems and minimize their effects.

Most parents don’t realize that children around age 12 years still have 4 to 8 primary teeth in their mouth. Those key primary molar teeth are the strongest influence on the development of the jaws, alignment of teeth, balance of the face, and smile.

At Dr. J, we will educate you about your child in a way that is tailored to them. If we can avoid orthodontic treatment, we won’t be afraid to tell you how we can. If we truly need orthodontic treatment, we can help there too.

Our understanding of physiology, growth, and development is changing rapidly. It is important to stay ahead on the curve. For example, while lecturing in Europe a while back, someone else on the program was discussing a growth and development problem that Dr. J’s daughter was having. He then instituted the practice with Andie, his daughter, and in a short time her malformation was gone and her smile was 100% better. If Dr. J had not pushed himself to learn, he would have missed something for his own child. At Dr. J, we will never stop learning how to do things better for our own children and that means it’s better for your children too.

– Dr. J

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