Why You Need Braces for Father’s Day

Why You Need Braces for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special day for everyone to remember to acknowledge and appreciate their fathers. This day helps you narrow down to all the father figures in your life that have had a significant impact on who you are today. On this day, anyone would want to look and feel their best. Choosing to undergo oral treatment is nothing to be ashamed of, especially since this is a great day to appreciate heroism. You can be your hero by getting braces or even get your father through the treatment. is it worth trying? Read on to find out.

What Are Braces?

They are dental appliances that are customized to help shape and align teeth properly. Braces are used for orthodontic treatment, which is the process of realigning teeth to the correct position. This treatment is incredibly helpful for patients, especially those that have self-confidence issues linked to the way their teeth look.

Who Need Braces?

In the past, braces were popularly known as dental solutions for children. Even today, you can still book a kids’ braces appointment in a dental facility near you. However, Dr. Jason Hirsch will tell you that things have changed a lot over the years. Today, it is not only children and teens who can rock braces. Adults can have braces installed to help realign their teeth.

When Is It Fit to Have Braces?

There isn’t a particular age that is considered the right age for getting braces. Ideally, as soon as a child starts growing adult teeth, braces can be used. The purpose of installing braces on children at an early stage is to ensure that the teeth grow in the correct direction. As the jawbone of the child grows and develops, the braces can help control the direction.

For adults, the circumstance is different. The jawbone of an adult is fully grown. At this stage, this treatment will anchor on the idea that bone regeneration is always continual, even in adulthood.

Why Are Braces Important?

The entire process of orthodontics is important for the growth and development of teeth. the use of braces in the whole process is for the following reasons:

  • To apply pressure – braces work by exerting controlled pressure on teeth continually over a period. This pressure is what allows for the shifting of teeth from one point to another.
  • To hold the other teeth in place – teeth that are not problematic do not need to be moved. However, they need to be held in the same position while the other teeth shift. Braces are useful for holding the rest of the teeth in their place during the treatment.
  • For bone regeneration – sometimes force and pressure are needed to cause the bone to release new bone tissue. These new bone tissues will be deposited in the correct location, allowing the teeth to move appropriately.

That said, some of the impeccable benefits of braces and the teeth alignment process include:

  • Improved oral hygiene – you are more likely to achieve excellence in oral health when your teeth are properly aligned. The plaque will no longer hide behinds the overlapped surfaces of the mouth.
  • Improved comfort – it can get very uncomfortable to live with crooked teeth. for one, you may need to get used to frequently biting yourself by accident, because of the misalignment of your teeth.
  • Cosmetic appeal – after your treatment, you will have perfection for a smile. Properly aligned teeth are pleasing to the eyes, which is a major advantage of orthodontic treatment.
  • Improved bite – when your teeth are poorly aligned, it causes and improper bite. This can cause difficulties during chewing and biting foods. Besides, the improper bite can be a major source of temporomandibular joint disorder, because the strain is put on your jaw.
  • Clearer speech – speech can become complicated for patients with bite problems. the jaw may be taking on a lot of pressure, making speech difficult. Besides, when your mouth is crowded, words can be hard to pronounce. Correcting how your teeth sit on your jaw will impact the quality of your speech tremendously.


Over and above, braces are the best solution for different types of teeth misalignment. If you are doubting whether braces are for you, reach out to a dentist near you, or contact us today for this and much more information.

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