Dental Exams & Cleanings in Royal Palm Beach

Dental Exams & Cleanings in Royal Palm Beach

Our Royal Palm Beach pediatric dental office is based on the philosophy that it is better to prevent disease than to chase it. We like to see our youngest patients starting at the age of 1 for an examination. From there, we will educate and advise you on how we can help develop a beautiful smile for your child, and prevent cavities (tooth decay), the most common condition of children today.

Preventive Care at Dr. J

The preventive care we provide continues every six months because we believe that consistency is the most important determinant if prevention is to be effective. Just like the advice to brush and floss everyday, consistency with dental exams and hygiene services completes the teamwork approach of Dr. J. Consistency makes visits easier, faster, and less expensive. Prevention is always less extensive and less expensive.

Professional Cleaning at Dr. J

As children grow older, more prevention services are added. Starting around the age of three, we start with professional dental cleanings with dental hygienists. At Dr. J, we provide a very comprehensive experience including education of how to extend office prevention into your household and daily routines. We have helped thousands of children in South Florida, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach County and beyond, stay cavity free with simple preventive care and in office advice.

Dental Exams at Dr. J

Each examination will assess the child’s growth and development, smile development, saliva analysis, cavity potential, and nutritional deficiencies of the teeth and gingiva. These simple chairside measurements are the basis of the Dr. J. Prevention Strategy Assessment. We record these measurements in the child’s record so we can build a history and make future predictions.

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