Dental Fillings in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Dental Fillings in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Historically, dentists have treated cavities with dental fillings. The goal of dental filling procedures is to restore the tooth to its shape and function prior to getting the cavity.

Causes of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay happens frequently these days because we are feeding our children too often through snacking. Each time we eat we introduce tooth decay to our teeth. Our saliva can combat this natural process but if we eat too frequently our saliva is overwhelmed and cavities can and will occur. This is why children are sometimes prone to decay despite parents saying “but we brush their teeth regularly.”

Dental Fillings for Children

At Dr. J we believe that cavities in primary teeth are largely preventable but when they do happen we believe in treating the child not just their teeth. Young children with cavities should be treated different than older children with cavities and we use that knowledge to custom tailor all procedures to children.

Dental Fillings at Dr. J

When we do provide dental fillings, we take a different approach than many other pediatric dentists. We DO NOT use sedation to accomplish this procedure. We use a child guided approach to gain the trust and confidence of your child so that they learn to accept dental care and grow up unafraid. The greatest gift a pediatric dentist like myself can give your child, is the power of a positive experience. I will guide them and help them learn to embrace help. At Dr. J, our children will learn TRUST.

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