Fluoride Treatments in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Fluoride Treatments in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Cavities happen!!! Cavities are nature. Cavities have been a part of the human record as long as humans have been alive, BUT cavities are preventable given the knowledge and insight about how they develop in the first place. Technology, education, and the concept of prevention is what Dr. J provides children and parents to prevent this nuisance condition. At Dr. J, we will educate you on what cavities are. At Dr. J we tailor our treatments based upon the child, their age, their cooperation, and the actual need of treatment itself. This is why our pediatric dentist office is unique, as it is not a one size fits all approach.

Fluoride Treatment for Children’s Teeth

One prevention method that has been a mainstay of contemporary dentistry is the use of fluorides. Fluoride sometimes gets a bad rap in modern society and my public health background only allows me to do no harm to your child. Therefore, I would not advocate or use fluoride if I did not feel that the benefit outweigh any potential risks.

Fluoride is an abundant element on the planet Earth, as it comes from the soil. Different forms of fluoride do different jobs. Drinking water with fluoride helps develop stronger teeth. In-office fluoride makes teeth less sensitive post dental cleaning. Home fluoride toothpaste helps to make your saliva more effective at reversing tooth decay.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

As a public health professional it is hard to refute the positive benefits of fluoride, I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes over the years of practice. The improvement in oral health since the inception of these forms of therapy is measurable and REAL. I also understand that fluoride is a hot button topic, and if you want to discuss fluoride with me as a public health professional and not as a “dentist” I can explain whatever fears or misconceptions you might have about its use and effect. I respect everyone’s decisions but I think it is important to have this conversation with me first.

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