SDF Treatment in Royal Palm Beach, FL

SDF Treatment in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Silver Diamine Fluoride, or also known as SDF, is a way to treat cavities in primary teeth.The treatment has been around for a few years, however it is still considered a new and noninvasive treatment for young children. SDF is not a cure for tooth decay, it does not KILL bacteria responsible for tooth decay, and it does not magically make a cavity “inactive.”

SDF Treatment at Our Office

Dr. J has used SDF since 2015 for tooth sensitivity. We find that primary teeth in very young children are sensitive when cavities form. In some cases young children cannot accept traditional dental care and will need a treatment to reduce tooth sensitivity. In some cases, we may not restore primary teeth at first, or even at all. As aligned with our Dr. J philosophy, not all cases are a one size fits all treatment. What is good for one child may not be right for another.

SDF Treatment With Dr.J

Having science and experience to guide Dr.J is exactly why most parents choose to bring their children to him. SDF is using science and experience to treat our children in a way that is most appropriate for them. Please consult with Dr. J, your Royal Palm Beach pediatric dentist if you think SDF is an approach that is needed for your child.

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