Orthodontics in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Orthodontics in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Most parents don’t realize that orthodontic treatment can be prevented and greatly minimized with a pediatric dentist guiding them throughout their children’s growth. After all, who would know more about a child we have carefully watched develop than Dr. J ?

Sometimes children cannot be fully prevented from orthodontics, and so with the help of Dr. J, your Royal Palm Beach pediatric dentist, we can use orthodontists and growth guidance to reduce the time and the cost of this treatment. At Dr. J we only work with the very best orthodontists to make a great smile possible.

Orthodontic Prevention at Dr. J

Dr. J can recommend what is best for your child, and during each prevention visit we assess your child’s development. We discuss options at critical points with parents so that we can prevent orthodontics, which seems to be a rite of passage these days. Dr. J discusses frankly with parents that often orthodontics leads to weak enamel, distorted roots, and unnecessary tooth decay. Prevention of orthodontics makes this practice unique and true to our approach that your child comes first. We create healthy smiles and unnecessary orthodontics can actually make new problems, which is not a part of our care philosophy.

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