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Pediatric Dentist and Children’s Preventive Dentistry in Royal Palm Beach/Wellington/South Florida

Dr. J provides children’s and pediatric dentist services in Royal Palm Beach for all residents of Palm Beach County. We have developed a child friendly non invasive form of dentistry so children aren’t afraid to come see us. Our office provides a wonderful atmosphere where children can come and have their oral health evaluated and their prevention needs taken care of.

Dental Hygiene and Cavity Prevention For Children

pediatric dentistOur pediatric dentist office in Royal Palm Beach/Wellington is a dental home for children where we interact and build relationships with them. We do this in a comfortable environment  It is a no-fear zone based on experience and trust.

While other children’s dentists treat cavities and gum disease, I treat and educate to the cause of cavities so your children are less likely to develop disease in the first place.

DrJ is well known in the dental community for utilizing the newest techniques, procedures and dental medicines. Our routine procedures include effective hygiene programs, prevention strategies, and an all encompassing evidence based oral health approach to keep your children healthy and disease free. 


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