Also known as early childhood caries, baby bottle tooth decay refers to tooth decay in infants and toddlers. This is not a new problem, children have had cavities since there have been children. Tooth decay/cavities is from the too frequent ingestion of food that can stimulate our oral bacteria to produce acid in our mouth's. When this process occurs too often, usually due to over snacking, our children's teeth can rapidly dissolve, forming visible holes/cavities. 

Your child needs strong, healthy primary teeth to combat this phenomena as well as the education to understand what is driving this problem. This is what we do at DrJ, we educate you to the problem so that you can prevent it. Other offices might waste time discussing sugar or bacteria or some other nonsensical ideas. At DrJ we get right to the point and instead we educate you how to live in the real world, not some make believe place that has no sugar, no candy and no fun. Life is about knowledge, and application of that knowledge to benefit our lives. If this sounds like a place you and your children want to learn at, in a safe and comfortable environment, then call us today. 


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