Dr. J’s Patient-Centered Goals

  • To maximize the possibility of a decay-free child and adult smile by education, prevention and professional guidance
  • The Science of Pediatric Oral Healthcare is changing rapidly and we promise to be on the leading edge not 50 years behind
  • To minimize any discomfort from decayed primary teeth because cavities can and do happen in today's world 
  • To educate toward the science, that decay is prevented and treated at home, conventional dental care ideas of the past 50 years treats a problem that already happened, it does not treat the future, this understanding is how people take control of their own healthcare
  • To eliminate the risk of treatment induced anxiety or iatrogenics (accidental harm caused by treatment) by using child friendly evidence based techniques and education about the problem of tooth decay so it can be best managed at home with daily, simple hygiene techniques 
  • Treat children fairly and allow them to learn about decision making

What make us unique?

More than 20 Years of Experience has taught us HOW TO MAKE VISITS EASY FOR CHILDREN

Our pediatric dentist in Royal Palm Beach, Dr. J, has more than 20 years of experience in pediatric dentistry.

Prevention Focused

Our pediatric dentist provides children with treatments designed for the prevention of decay and other future dental health issues.

Compassionate Evidence Based Care

At our Dr. J’s, we understand that your child may feel anxious about seeing us, so we offer a kid-friendly environment.At Dr. J Pediatric Dentistry, we go the extra mile to make each visit informative for you the parent and relaxing for your child. We look forward to meeting you.


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