Pediatric dentists treat the unique needs of children. A pediatric dentist has completed two to three years of specialty training beyond dental school. WE are more than general dentists who might choose to treat children. 

Choosing a pediatric practice to trust with the health and beauty of your child’s smile is an important decision. Making a positive first impression at the dentist can influence children’s view of dentistry for the rest of their lives, so it’s important to make sure your child is comfortable with the doctor and staff. Often the biggest mistake I see parents make is starting at a general dentist or "their" dentist with their children. This is the luck approach cause you are lucky when things go correctly but I can assure you you will find unique information at our office, information that will not hear anywhere else. 

Ideally, your child’s dental experience will be something to remember for the rest of their life. Make sure it will give them something to smile about.


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