Preventing Problems Before They Start

The health of your child’s teeth and mouth is very important to the well-being of his or her entire body, and while routine brushing and flossing at home is necessary to keep your child’s smile looking its best, visiting the dentist for a comprehensive exam and gentle polishing/cleaning is what we offer. We suggest bringing the child around age one to have a brief consultation/examination but more importantly to educate parents how crucial their role is in developing their child's oral heath DAILY. Parents are exclusively in control of their young child's oral health, this has not been expressed enough and the biggest factor in why children continue to suffer through tooth decay problems. 

By routinely seeing the dentist for exams and gentle cleaning, your child can:

-Shorten the time actually spent in the dentist’s office

-Learn about lifelong oral health and true prevention

-Have a smile that will last a lifetime


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