At Dr. J, I strive to continue to be better tomorrow than I was today so that your children as well as mine can benefit in every way possible. I look forward to meeting your precious little ones.

As a pediatric dentist, when I meet a child for the first time I focus on two things right away:

  • First, what can I do to make them feel comfortable, allay their fear, or relieve any discomfort, so that they will accept dental care and work with me to become cavity-free?
  • Second, what can I do to ensure they grow up with a great smile?

I know how important appearances are, and I have trained and studied for years so that I can guide the development of infants and preschoolers so that they don’t end up needing years of dental care.

Dr. J is a comprehensive, prevention-based pediatric dental practice. In addition to being a trained specialist in pediatric dentistry with more than 15 years of experience, I am one of the very few practicing pediatric dentists with a Master’s degree in Public Health. My Columbia University public health training is the genesis and foundation behind the unique philosophy of the current “Dr. J” pediatric practice.

Prevention is the best approach today, but most of the prevention advice delivered today comes down to the trite ineffective, Brush your teeth and don’t eat sugar.” Really? What planet is that advice from? Do you think my own cavity-free children don’t eat sugar?

The special training I had in public health gives me a deeper understanding of the psychological, scientific, and social factors involved in achieving disease prevention. Advanced training enables me to conduct a program individualized for every child’s unique and particular needs.

At Dr. J, I will make sure to take care of your child’s dental needs and work with them to maximize preventive care.